Startup Canada Incubator of the Year Award

TEC Edmonton

2014 Incubator of the Year TEC Edmonton helps tech entrepreneurs accelerate their growth. In addition to being the commercialization agent for the University of Alberta technologies, TEC Edmonton operates Greater Edmonton’s largest accelerator for early-stage technology companies, including both university spinoffs and companies from the broader community. TEC provides services in three broad areas: client business development, technology commercialization, and entrepreneur development. TEC’s ~125 active clients are an outstanding group of companies. Since 2011, TEC clients have generated $310M in revenue, raised $160M in financing and funding, invested $85M in R&D, grown both revenue and employment by 25% per year, and now employ over 1800 people in the region. In addition, TEC has assisted in the creation of 14 spinoffs from the University in the last two years. In 2013 TEC Edmonton was identified by the Scandinavian UBI University Business Incubator Index as the 17th best university business incubator in the world — and the best in Canada.