The Canada Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards—the CANIE Awards—is the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation’s flagship program recognizing excellence in Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship.

The 2021 CANIE Awards celebrates 7 semi-finalists from each award category across Canada. All 35 winners are awarded a commercial quality video promoting their win, their business, and their entrepreneurial spirit. This video has been given to each winner—as well as being promoted by the foundation locally, regionally, and nationally. We will showcase every CANIE Award winner, their stories, resilience, and innovation in these challenging times. And we will shine a light on the vital role of local community and community building has played throughout this unique pandemic crisis.

In November, the competition will finish with the CANIE’s Grand Finale. This virtual Gala will invite all the semi-finalists, their family and friends, as well as political representatives and other leaders from across Canada to come together in the celebration of our entrepreneurs and innovators. This event provides the perfect opportunity to announce the final winners from each prize category.

The 2021 Awards are presented by UPS Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with Scotiabank, The Arthur J.E. Child Foundation, NACCA, Startup Canada, CABC, and R+D Creative.


Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Canada


  • Nearly 70% of jobs in Canada are attributable to small businesses. However, half of the owners of enterprises from this segment will retire in the next decade.
  • This presents a unique opportunity to encourage Canadian entrepreneurs to build innovative and highly productive enterprises that create new jobs and wealth.
  • To maintain and increase prosperity, Canada needs more startups—ambitious, scalable, sustainable businesses that foster economic growth and social development.
  • By sharing award recipients’ stories of resilience and success, the CANIE Awards will inspire present and future generations to become leading entrepreneurs with an innovative and global mindset.


  • Recognize excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship across Canada by celebrating the impressive journeys and achievements of disruptors that contribute every day to the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Build a network of individuals and organizations that share our passion for supporting the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem and want to contribute to its future.
  • Inspire Canada’s present and future generations to be entrepreneurial innovators by sharing stories of leadership, resilience, disruption, and success in entrepreneurship.
  • Promote entrepreneurial mindsets among Canadian youth with workshops on innovation, ideation, and execution.
    Increase awareness of Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and the importance of strengthening our culture of innovation.
  • Inspire others to make an impact by telling your story of resilience and legacy.


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