IEF Micro-grant Receipient

Nicholas LaValle | Climate-Related Product Innovation Micro-grant

Clean Valley CIC

Nicholas LaValle

Business: Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies CIC

“Innovation is how we are going to combat climate change. I’ve looked to the Ocean both as a global ecosystem to protect and for inspiration. To recreate that ecosystem without having to extract from it anymore is our end goal.

To get there we must recognize land-based fish farms are facing a profitability challenge. We have the solution that can help improve margins, and reduce the costs.”

Poseidon’s biofilter is an industry pioneer and becoming an industry leader for sidestreaming land based fish farm nutrients to grow micro-algae and shellfish. Empowering facilities to achieve a green premium by turning the facility into an Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) operation. This type of sustainable operation copies the Ocean and increases the value of the fish sold on the market.