CANIE AWARDS – Youth Impact Icon Award

Madison Guy

The winner of the 2020 CANIE Youth Impact Icon Award is Vancouver-based entrepreneur Madison Guy , a young social and tech evangelist with a fierce passion for education. Madison Guy is the founder of GrantMe, a comprehensive platform that helps students access debt-free education. Since launching in 2017, GrantMe has helped students secure over $3.6M in scholarships and has developed technology that removes multiple barriers to finding funding. She has built the entire company with zero outside capital and has actively reinvested profit into the development of new technology that will support a wider base of students. Her passion for entrepreneurship and education doesn’t stop here. She has been a connector with the League of Innovators since 2018 and has led many events that engage youth in building an entrepreneurial mindset. Madison Guy is a rising star with an entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring young people to create a better future through social awareness and innovation.