Fall 2023

Keenan Pascal | Product Innovation Micro-grant

Keenan Pascal

Keenan Pascal, Token Bitters

Token Bitters was born from a passion for mixology and a commitment to quality. The company was founded with the aim of crafting premium bitters and cocktail essentials. Today, Token Bitters has evolved into a brand synonymous with innovation and flavor.

From meticulously crafted bitters that bring depth to cocktails to thoughtfully curated syrups that harmonize flavors, Token Bitters has redefined the art of cocktail creation. In a strategic pivot, Token Bitters has embraced the rising trend of mocktails, aligning with the growing demand for sophisticated and non-alcoholic beverage options.

By focusing on developing innovative and flavorful alternatives, Token Bitters has positioned itself as a key player in the burgeoning market of non-alcoholic mixology. This narrative of innovation, commitment to quality, and a keen understanding of evolving consumer preferences underscores Token Bitters’ journey and its dedication to shaping the future of the beverage industry.