Fall 2023

Jessica Miao & Chloe Beaudoin | Woman Business Owner Micro-grant

Jessica Miao & Chloe Beaudoin

CEO: Jessica Miao, She/Her
COO: Chloe Beaudoin, She/Her

Jessica and Chloe started Apricotton after Jessica’s 12-year-old sister had a mental breakdown in the lingerie store change room because not a single cupped bra or training bra fit. She never wanted to wear a bra again and she’s not alone, as 90% of teens feel embarrassed to wear a bra, leading to decreased self-esteem.

Apricotton designs the only bras globally that grow as teens grow, so girls can wear the same bra from when they’re flat chested to fully developed, boosting their confidence. Beyond their bras, they have built a community on TikTok acting as girls’ ‘big sisters’, to ensure no girl goes through puberty alone.