IEF Micro-grant Receipient

Jess Devenport | Digital Innovator Micro-grant


Jess Devenport

Business: Paintillio

Paintillio creates custom paint-by-number murals + interactive art, for everyone.

We turn any photo or image into high quality + collaborative paint-by-number kits of any size for your next corporate event, community gathering, team building activity, wedding, or you-name-it project.

Jess and Lyssa are the co-founders of Paintillio; two best friends who took a crazy idea and turned it into a meaningful way for communities to come together to celebrate, create, and collaborate. We like to have fun. And while we’re having fun, we’re also being intentional (and yes, innovative) in all the ways we propagate Paintillio; before, during, and after our kits land in our clients’ hands.

Our mission is to break down barriers between age, race, gender, and ability through high quality, collaborative, hands-on art projects; because anyone can be an artist.