CANIE Awards Winner

Frédéric Verville | Prince’s Trust Canada Veteran Entrepreneur

Frédéric Verville

Frédéric Verville (he/him),  Co-founder, Floèm


Frédéric Verville, an impassioned and dedicated entrepreneur, leads Floèm with a vision focused on technological efficiency and an admiration for the boreal flora of Canada. Holding a master’s degree in theology, and with 11 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, Frédéric has developed strong leadership and expertise in supply chain management and data analysis. He innovated by developing a customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management system for the manufacturing field, a key to the growth and success of Floèm. 

Frédéric’s passion for nature and his desire to share the boreal flora motivated him to co-create Floèm with his wife, highlighting local ingredients. Floèm’s unique infusions made from Labrador leaves reflect the founders’ love for the nature, the great outdoors, and the riches of the Northern boreal flora. The bold blends, handpicked, are an exploration of the beauty, creativity, and authenticity of nature. Frédéric’s experience and strategic vision guided the technological development of the company.