Fall 2023

Cassandra Carreiro | Indigenous Business Owner Micro-grant

Cassandra Carreiro

Cassandra Carreiro (she/her), founder, Sharecuterie

Sharecuterie is an artisanal charcuterie shop & cafe located in Winnipeg. Founded in 2020 by Cassandra Carreiro, a psychiatric nurse turned food artist, Sharecuterie is proudly 100% Indigenous & woman owned.

Sharecuterie provides everything from small individual options to catering large events and have recently opened up their first brick & mortar shop. They use board items that are either locally sourced or purchased from other small local businesses in Winnipeg & Manitoba. When you support Sharecuterie you are not just supporting one small local business, you are supporting multiple local businesses. Sharecuterie is also allergy & dietary restriction friendly.

With Sharecuterie, Cassandra promotes diversity and inclusion by providing opportunities for underrepresented groups in the business world and hopes to empower & inspire other Indigenous and women entrepreneurs to follow their passion and enter the entrepreneurial space.