CANIE Awards Winner

Ania Wysocka | Global Impact Business Owner of the Year

Ania Wysocka

Ania Wysocka

Business: Simply Rooted Media Inc.



Ania Wysocka is the founder of Rootd, the #1 rated mobile app for anxiety & panic attack relief. Ania designed and created Rootd’s complete content and has led the business to over 1.8 million users globally, spanning across 150 countries. Her unique combination of graphic design skills and subject matter expertise provide Rootd with its unmistakable personality and uniqueness.

Ania is also Program Director for the BC-based incubator Alacrity Canada, where she leads a digital marketing bootcamp in partnership with the BC provincial government that has educated over 6,000 BC residents since 2019.


Simply Rooted Media Inc.’s application (app) Rootd is the #1 ranked mobile app for panic attack and anxiety relief on both iOS and Google Play. Used by millions of people around the globe, Rootd offers users in-the-moment support during the onset of a panic attack, and provides short and long-term lessons and interactive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-based guided exercises to reduce anxiety and the effects of panic attacks. 

Simply Rooted Media Inc. offers a free version of Rootd, and affordable monthly, annual, lifetime, and corporate purchase plans.