Fall 2023

Aeryon Ashlie | Global Export Micro-grant

Aeryon Ashlie

Aeryon Ashlie, Aeryon Wellness

In a landscape dominated by male-centric approaches, Aeryon Wellness stands out as a beacon of change, championing the unique health and wellness needs of women. Founded by Aeryon Ashlie in 2019, it isn’t merely a company that provides supplements; it’s a movement that strives to empower women to attain holistic health. 

Aeryon herself, a holistic nutritionist, battled personal health issues and found no resonance in the male-driven supplement products in the market. Her first-hand experience led her to create a line of Health Canada approved supplements, scientifically formulated to address a spectrum of women’s health concerns.

Aeryon Wellness is deeply committed to the cause of women’s health. Apart from offering premium, all-natural supplements, it extends educational resources to its customers. Each product comes with unique QR codes that provide information on nutrition and strategies for sustainable health.  

As a 100% female-owned and operated entity, Aeryon Wellness is a proud outlier in a field where fewer than 5% of supplement companies are entirely women-owned. The company represents a stepping stone towards a more balanced future where women’s health is respected, understood, and catered for with utmost sincerity and dedication.