Startup Canada Community Award

Startup Peel | Melloney Campbell, Community Leader

It takes a community to support a startup, and it takes a nation working together to start up Canada. This is why Startup Canada is proud to support Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs through a network of 50 grassroots startup communities. The winner of the 2019 Startup Canada Community Award is Startup Peel Region, the go-to network for budding entrepreneurs. Startup Peel Region has helped launch more than two-thousand entrepreneurs with the help of twenty-five support partners including LatAm Startups and the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre. This booming entrepreneurial community is led by entrepreneur Melloney Campbell, who is a champion of women-led companies and a voice to government advocating for Canada’s entrepreneurs. Along with Startup Peel Region’s team, Melloney Campbell actively promotes Canada on the global stage, champions local entrepreneurs to government leaders, and a provides Peel Region’s entrepreneurs with round-the-clock support. Startup Peel Region is a proven model for entrepreneur-driven ecosystem building and entrepreneurial success.



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