CANIE Awards Winner

Natasha Ferguson | Entrepreneur of the Year

Natasha Ferguson (she/her), founder, ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP

Natasha Ferguson (she/her), founder, ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP


Natasha Ferguson is the founder of ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP, a full-service  construction and development company providing clever construction, build and distinctive  design services for residential homeowners. ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP one of the only women-owned and operated construction companies in Canada. 

Before devoting herself full-time to ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP, Natasha worked in marketing and advertising for 15 years, supporting many popular brands as a creative and technical project manager and director. 

Natasha’s love for the trade developed as a young child, thanks to her father who would take her to  his job sites and allow her to discover while he worked. Now, as the Lead General Contractor of her company, she has several trades under her construction belt, including carpentry, drywall, tiling, hardscape, landscape, and framing. This has allowed  her to become a strong mentor and teacher within the construction industry. 


Natasha is also an avid supporter of women in the trades and is the co-founder of the non-profit  organization, A Women’s Work, which provides support to women who are looking to begin a career in the trades. At A Women’s Work, once students complete their 5-step career journey they are placed at ETHELFOX CONSTRUCT GROUP and other supporting companies to develop construction experience. Natasha’s mission is to increase the number of women employed on construction job sites by 20% by the year 2030, which will help to solve Canada’s current labor shortage within the industry.