Startup Canada Newcomer Entrepreneur Award

Melina Terra Salomon | Founder of Gomma

The Winner of the 2019 Startup Canada Entrepreneur Promotion Award is Fredericton’s economic development leader Larry Shaw, CEO of Ignite Fredericton and Knowledge Park.  Since 2016, under his leadership, Ignite Fredericton and Knowledge Park have supported the creation of more than 200 new startup companies, more than sixteen hundred new jobs, and more than 1 hundred million dollars of economic growth in the Greater Fredericton Region. As president of the Association of University Research Parks Canada, Larry Shaw represents twenty-six research and technology parks across Canada and over sixty-five-thousand employees in the knowledge sector. Passionate about leveraging entrepreneurship to create a booming East Coast innovation ecosystem, Larry Shaw’s leadership has transformed Atlantic Canada’s economic story and opened new pathways for entrepreneurs across the region.

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