CANIE Micro-Grants Recipients

Kim Parker | The UPS Global Impact Award

Kim Parker

Kim Parker

Company: Food Security Structures Canada

The UPS Global Impact Grant aims to recognize entrepreneurs and innovators in marginalized communities making a social/environmental impact that transcends national borders through innovative products.

Kim grew up in Ontario on her family farm where she developed her passion for gardening and grew a close relationship with plants. She believes everything in life builds up your skills for what you are supposed to be doing and is clearly passionate about combining her business acumen with her knowledge and understanding of harvesting and plant life. 

Food Security Structures Canada is committed to helping address world hunger and food insecurity by providing communities and individuals with controlled-environment, indoor agricultural systems that allow them to grow fresh, nutritious, delicious food all year round regardless of location or climate.

Kim is proud to partner with leading manufacturers to create the best structures for optimum indoor growing. Their unique lights, combined with vertical growing systems create a solution that can be used in homes, repurposed buildings, or new structures to provide maximum yields of diverse crops with very low operational costs all year round.

The vision is for anyone to be able to grow high-quality, organic and fresh produce with unmatched taste and unique flavors in any environment, in the world, in any climate, all year long. Kim and her team are working with homeless shelters and groups representing underserved communities to build food sovereignty both here in Canada and around the world.



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