CANIE Awards Winner

Kevin Leboeuf | Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year

Kevin Leboeuf

Kevin Leboeuf



Kevin joined the military at 18 and was deployed in Afghanistan at the age of 19 with TF 3-08 as an EROC operator. Kevin’s military carrier was slowed down after being involved in an IED strike where his vehicle was bombed. After completing a 9-month tour, Kevin specialized in a high-risk search which consisted of a small, specialized team of 25 members. In 2016 he was promoted to Master-Corporal and was released from the CAF the same year for medical reasons related to PTSD.

This led Kevin to grow a beard for the very first time in his life. He liked the beard but did not like how itchy and dry it was. After months of research and development for effective organic beard grooming products made with the highest quality ingredients available in the world, Educated Beards was born Dec 2017. Kevin considers himself a serial entrepreneur and is currently the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Educated Beards Inc., an all-natural and organic men’s grooming product company located in Atlantic Canada. Kevin has taken his passion for wellness and curated a line of organic men’s grooming products that are effective, conscious, and safe for humans of all ages, pets, and the environment.


Educated Beards is a leader in the industry of conscious men’s grooming. A brand that sets the standard for effective, organic, and premium products. They promote awareness of the importance of using clean, conscious, safe, and quality ingredients and living an educated lifestyle.

Educated Beards helps folks take care of their looks by manufacturing and supplying grooming products that are clean, conscious, safe, and top quality. They produce 100% natural and organic grooming products.