Ernest C. Manning – Facebook Canada Award

Katherine Homuth | CEO, Sheertex

The winner of the Facebook Canada Innovation Award is Katherine Homuth, the Founder and CEO of Sheertex, the Y Combinator-backed startup that sells the world’s first pair of unbreakable sheer pantyhose. Her product, the World’s Toughest Sheers, is a sheer knit developed from proprietary ballistic grade materials that are unbreakable in human hands. To back her big idea, she raised $33,000 on Indiegogo and an additional $190,000 on Kickstarter. Homuth’s company is skyrocketing to become a top-of-mind brand for thousands of women and has made headlines as TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018. A serial entrepreneur, Homouth has exited two companies including ShopLocket and Female Funders. For her contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, her vast support for women-owned companies, and her innovation in textiles, Katherine Homuth is one of Canada’s most exciting entrepreneurs to watch.