CANIE AWARDS – Product Innovation Award

Growing Greener

The winner of the 2020 CANIE Product Innovation Award is Growing Greener, a clean tech company headquartered in Calgary with a mission to give customers solutions for portable power and contribute to a cleaner environment.
Growing Greener designs and produces green products to power everything from outdoor pursuits and travel, remote locations, security, surveillance, and emergency backups. This organization led by Connie Stacey, empowers communities in developing countries by creating micro systems to help give solar power and clean water to those in need. Through its flagship product already commercialized in more than 12 countries, the Grengine, Growing Greener is disrupting the clean tech industry by providing greener, quieter and affordable alternatives to gas-powered generators and biomass burning. Growing Greener is a startup demonstrating excellence in innovating its industry and making a positive environmental impact.

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