CANIE AWARDS – Disruptive Entrepreneur Award


The winner of the 2020 CANIE Disruptive Entrepreneur of the Year Award is Flashfood. A grocery store app that enables consumers to save money on food getting close to its best-before date while reducing store-generated food waste. Thanks to its easy to navigate platform, great deals and seamless pick up process, this app became an instant success. In 2019, in partnership with Loblaw Companies, this enterprise helped divert 4.6 million pounds of potential food waste from landfills, helped more than one hundred thousand families in obtaining affordable food and allowed shoppers to collectively save more than $10 million on groceries. To date, Flashfood works with major chain stores such as Maxi, No Frills, Giant, and Independent, and its app has been downloaded by more than one million users in Canada. This toronto-based company which operates in more than four hundred grocery locations in Canada and the USA, is making a global impact by creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

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