CANIE AWARDS – COVID-19 Global Innovation Award

Cleanslate UV

The winner of the 2020 CANIE COVID-19 Global Innovation Award is CleanSlate UV. Founded in 2014 out of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, this organization allows staff, patients and visitors to sanitize their personal items such as phones and tablets through the use of effective and easy-to-use UV light products. By harnessing this technology, CleanSlate UV makes it possible to eliminate germs on mobile devices to improve hand hygiene and reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections. Their solution has sanitized two hundred million devices through more than eight hundred units sold around the globe. From Mexico to Australia, CleanSlate UV has provided a safer environment at food processing facilities, hospitals, and retail stores. Their skyrocketing success has captured the interest of important venture capital firms. The startup has completed a $1.25 million financing round, and were awarded five hundred thousand USD at 43North, one of the largest business competitions in the world. CleanSlate UV has demonstrated excellence and commitment in its mission of leveraging innovation to tackle threatening pathogens.




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