CANIE AWARDS – Innovation during COVID-19 Award


The winner of the 2020 CANIE Innovation during COVID Award is —BlueDot. The Toronto-based startup is able to track and predict the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases due to its unique platform that merges artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data. Their cloud platform was one of the first to recognize the COVID-19 virus. Bluedot clients were notified of this emerging risk days before the World Health Organization released its official statement in regards to the emergence of a novel coronavirus. By accurately predicting the first cities to import the virus and its future epicenters, this organization founded and led by Dr. Kamran Kahn, has become a global authority in this space.  BlueDot has made significant contributions in the fight against COVID-19 by empowering enterprises, public institutions, and the healthcare industry with tailored outbreak risk awareness in near real-time. Some of their clients include Air Canada, Greater Toronto Airports Authority and the Government of Canada. Through their mission of creating a global early warning system for infectious disease, BlueDot is protecting communities around the globe from global epidemic threats.