CANIE AWARDS – Woman Entrepreneur Award

Audra Renyi

The winner of the 2020 CANIE Woman Entrepreneur Award is the Montreal-based entrepreneur Audra Renyi. As the founder and CEO of EarAccess, she is helping put hearing loss on the global agenda. earAccess proposes a disruptive new business model for hearing aid and hearing service provisions worldwide, focusing on emerging markets: to sell hearing aids through alternative distribution channels, such as pharmacies, optical chains and medical centers, instead of traditional hearing clinics. Through her for-profit company that aims to sell a high volume of hearing aids at low margins, she is determined to prove that it is possible to “do well and do good”, inspiring Canadians to launch for-profit businesses that address a social problem in a financially sustainable and scalable way. Audri Renyi is a winner of the 2017 Governor General of Canada’s Innovation Award, and was named a Heroine of Health at the World Health Assembly among other numerous recognitions for her social impact.



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