Startup Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Anne Whelan | Founding President and CEO of Seafair Capital Inc.

Anne Whelan is the Founding President and CEO of Seafair Capital Inc., a holding company providing strategic leadership and services to its companies. Based in Newfoundland, Seafair Capital’s businesses employ more than 800 people and revenues in excess of 50 million dollars annually across multiple industries. Anne’s passion for home care services started as she took over and then purchased her mother’s company, CareGivers Inc, and then launched Blue Sky – both companies a part of Seafair Capital’s cohort of thriving companies. Anne is also active in her community. She chairs the board of directors of Newfoundland Power and is a Board Director of the Business Development Bank of Canada as well as the CSA Group. Through her entrepreneurial endeavours, commitment to community, and growing impact, Anne is a true role model for Canadians.

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