CANIE Awards Winner

Andy Straisfeld | Climate-Related Product Innovator of the Year

Andy Straisfeld

Andy Straisfeld

Business: MEA Health Corporation



Before founding MEA Health, Andy had a successful +15-year career in medical sales with a life-long dedication to promoting green practices as an environmentalist. 

While working in the medical sales industry, Andy became aware of the immense waste that was created by plastic PPE. His dedication to our environment inspired him to develop a greener solution. After years of global research, Andy founded MEA Health in 2021. Its tremendous success has allowed Andy and his team to open a second facility in Brantford, Ontario. 


MEA Health Corporation provides an innovative and industry-leading environmentally and economically sustainable PPE recycling solution to protect natural resources, healthcare professionals, and the economy. 

As a pioneer in this field, MEA Health Corp. has developed a process that prevents tons of plastic PPE waste from inundating landfills while generating a recycled source of materials for the plastics industry, providing low cost recycled options.