CANIE AWARDS – Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Adrian Schauer

The winner of the 2020 CANIE Entrepreneur of the Year Award is Adrian Schauer, the CEO and founder of AlayaCare, an innovative software platform that enables home and community care providers to deliver best-in-class services and improves patient outcomes. Through this Montreal-based company, Adrian is disrupting the traditional fee-for-service model with a technology-enabled, and outcome-focused approach for patients. Founded in 2014, AlayaCare has grown from a small Canadian startup to a global home health care enterprise that has facilitated over 10 Million visits and has now over 360 employees in Canada, the US and Australia. Along with his wife, Adrian established in 2011 the Gillian and Adrian Schauer Foundation, inspired by his own volunteer experience in India and by his wife Gillian, a pediatrician with a long-standing passion for working with children in resource-poor settings here and abroad. The Foundation includes The Madiro Fund, which supports innovative solutions to the health problems of women and children, and partners with organizations such as Grand Challenges Canada. As a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur, Adrian Schauer is leading by example as a most deserving recipient of Canada’s Entrepreneur of the Year.



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