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What are the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation 2022/23 Micro-grants?

The IEF micro-grants exist to support Canadian entrepreneurs and small & medium sized enterprise (SME) business owners belonging to racialized and/or equity-deserving communities as they overcome and recover from the various global and regional business disruptions and impacts of recent years. 

The 2022/23 micro-grants offer four categories and six $5000 cash micro-grants. Micro-grant recipients will receive a $5000 cash grant to invest into their business, and a national marketing and story-telling campaign from the charity.

What are the 2022/23 Micro-grant categories?

The Climate-Related Product Innovation Micro-grant, sponsored by UPS: granted to a business demonstrating innovation to address urgent climate-related issues. One (1) $5000 cash micro-grant available.

The Global Impact Micro-grant, sponsored by UPS: granted to a business who has demonstrated international scale. One (1) $5000 cash micro-grant available.

Woman & Women-Identifying Business Owner Micro-grant, sponsored by TD #TDWomenInEnterprise: Three (3) $5000 cash micro-grants available, granted to women & women identifying business owners seeking access to a business grant to scale their businesses. 

The Digital Innovator Micro-grant, sponsored by Meta: granted to a business who moved their operations online as a result of the COVID–19 pandemic. One (1) $5000 cash micro-grant available, including an additional $5000 Meta advertising credits. An additional three (3) $2000 Meta advertising credits (no cash) micro-grants will be gifted to other applicants.

What are the qualifications to apply for the 2022/23 Micro-grants?

Micro-grant Applicant Qualifications

Applicants must:

  • Be alive and be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be at least one of the following for the business the application is based on:  founder, owner, co-founder, co-owner, person who owns or co-owns the entity or trademark for brand, product name, or service.
  • Be active in the business and a key decision-maker/senior leader.
  • Business has been registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • The applicant identifies as a member of (a) equity-deserving or/and racialized community(ies). See definition below.
  • The business and/or the owner/co-owner or founder/co-founder meet the additional categorical requirements specified in the grant being applied for.

We align our definition of racialized and/or equity-deserving groups with definitions used by United Nations, and that used by the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health: defined as members from groups and communities that experience social, cultural, political, educational, and economic discrimination and exclusion because of unequal power relationships across economic, political, educational, social, and cultural dimensions.

What is the application schedule for the 2022/23 Micro-grants?

The 2022/23 micro-grant application portal will be available on the charity’s website, and will begin accepting applications on Tuesday, December 13th at 10am EST. Applications will be accepted until 3pm EST on February 14, 2023.

How do I submit my application for Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation 2022/23 Micro-grant?

Applications will only be accepted through the 2022/23 microgrant portal, available on the charity’s website.

Can I review the application questions in advance of submitting the application on the portal?

Yes. A PDF version of the application is available on the charity’s website.

Can an applicant receive more than one 2022/23micro-grant per year?

No, an applicant/nominee cannot receive more than one 2022/23 micro-grant per year.

Can I apply for multiple 2022/23 micro-grant categories?

Yes! Applicants can apply for more than one micro-grant category provided they meet the category qualifications. You must submit a new portal application for each application; one (1) per category.

Can I apply multiple times for the same 2022/23 micro-grant category to increase my chances of receiving a micro-grant?

No. Only one submission per applicant per 2022/23 micro-grant category will move onto the adjudication process.

Can I apply on behalf of someone who meets the above qualifications?

Yes. Applications/nominations can be submitted by individuals or organizations, by a third party or by a nominating partner. The application must be completed in full, and the person named as the applicant must be informed of the terms and conditions of the application.

What is the selection process for the micro-grant recipients?
Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation Micro-Grant Adjudication Steps
  1. All nominations and applications will be adjudicated equally.
  2. Applications not meeting the 2022/23 Micro-grant and/or category requirements will be disqualified.
  3. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. 
  4. The first adjudication panel consisting of the charity’s team members and trained volunteers will work with the existing parameters of each category to shortlist applicants. 
  5. A second panel consisting of the charity’s team members, trained volunteers, board members, and sponsors will adjudicate the shortlist using a ten (10) point grading scale applied only to the last four (4) responses of each application. 
  6. A voting system will then be introduced with the second adjudication panel to each select the top four (4) applicants in order of the adjudicator’s rank. The charity will then aggregate the adjudicators’ rankings to determine the recipients of the micro-grants. 
    • For TD micro-grants only: The three (3) $5000 cash micro-grant recipients will be determined based on the aggregate rankings described above in step 6, where applicants whose aggregate scores rank first, second, and third will be the micro-grant recipients.
    • For Meta $2000 advertising credits only: The three (3) $2000 Meta advertising credit micro-grant recipients will be determined based on the aggregate rankings described in step 6, where applicants whose aggregate scores rank two, three, and four will receive the $2000 Meta advertising credit micro-grants.
When will I be notified if I am receiving a 2022/23 micro-grant?

All micro-grant recipients will be notified by February 28, 2023.

If I am a 2022/23 micro-grant recipient, when will I receive my micro-grant?

For cash micro-grants, recipients will receive cash via direct deposit within 15 business days after submitting accurate business direct deposit information to the charity. 

For Meta advertising grants, recipients will complete a form provided by Meta. Once Meta reviews and approves the form, Meta will release the Meta advertising credits directly to the recipients.



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