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The CANIE Awards celebrate and distinguish outstanding achievement in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship and innovation while making a positive social impact in their communities. Individuals and organizations can self-nominate or nominate someone else for a CANIE Award.

Inspire others to make an impact by telling your story of resilience and success!

2020 CANIE Awards Categories

  • Global Entrepreneurship Award – Awarded to organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement in scaling international markets
  • Indigenous Entrepreneur Award – For excellence and outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship
  • Woman Entrepreneur Award – Awarded to women who have demonstrated excellence through their leadership and vision
  • Social Innovation Award – Awarded for excellence and innovation in social impact
  • Product Innovation Award – Awarded for products creating innovative solutions to real-world problems
  • Enterprise Support Award – Awarded to organizations advancing Canadian entrepreneurship through their leadership and impact
  • Youth Impact Icon Award – Awarded to youth demonstrating leadership through entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award – For excellence and outstanding impact In Canadian Entrepreneurship

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