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Our Mission


As a national charity we are dedicated to support, educate & celebrate innovation & entrepreneurship among business owners in marginalized communities.

Our objectives include the following:

• Deliver reliable, indepth research to steer advocacy with both the private and public sector to influence change for the better

• Support entrepreneurs and innovators within marginalized communities nationwide

• Share education and mentorship opportunities designed specifically for entrepreneurs within marginalized communities

• Celebrate and promote excellence in Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship in marginalized communities

Who we serve


The Foundations commitment is to entrepreneurs and innovators nationwide who are marginalized and/or underrepresented.

These groups include (but are not exclusive to):

• Women

• Indigenous Peoples

• Youth

• People of Colour

• Seniorpreneurs

• New Immigrants

• Military Veterans

Our Foundational Pillars to Our Objectives for 2022/23


We are committed to working with our growing alumni to provide a platform for them to share their experiences, challenges and opportunities through the form of Round- Tables and questionnaires. From this information gathering and research we will share our findings in the form of reports to support advocacy and influence change.

CANIE Micro-Grants

• CANIE Micro-Grants create opportunities for approved applicants to receive up to $5000 in grant funding on a biannual basis

• Further develop relationships with organizations representing marginalized communities to ensure larger pool of entrepreneurs have access to the grants

• In addition to the grants we work to promote the businesses and tell their stories with the media in their area as well as nationally

Sharing programs, training & mentorship tailored for those we serve

In late 2022 we plan to introduce and nurture a public library focused on education and mentorship to accomplish the following:

• Use the library to ensure easy access to the best education programs, training and/or mentorship tailored for the needs of entrepreneurs in marginalized communities across Canada

• Provide access to Canadian leaders/influencers from the private and public sectors, past CANIE semi-finalists and winners, all offering sage advice and insights about their own successes and learning

Celebrate & Promote

The Foundation’s flagship program celebrates excellence in innovation & entrepreneurship throughout marginalized communities within Canada. This year we will award our semifinalists with professional, promotional videos which they can use on their websites, within presentations and or proposals, and on their social media platforms to support the generation of new business. Each CANIE winner will receive $10,000 as well as a national media campaign to celebrate their success.

This year we will hold 3 in-person events to celebrate winners in their town or city.

There will also be a virtual gala where all award recipients will be announced.

This Year’s Competition  – The 2022 CANIE Awards

Phase I:

Seniorpreneur Award for Leadership & Innovation (Presented by Arthur J E Child Foundation) – Awarded to a business owner who is 55+ and using their experience to succeed in their mission while contributing to their community

Global Impact Business Owner of the Year (Presented by UPS) – Awarded to organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and social impact while scaling international markets.

The 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year (Presented by Ownr) – For exceptional leadership and ongoing impact in Canadian entrepreneurship.

Climate-Related Product Innovation Award  (Presented by UPS) – Awarded for products creating innovative solutions to a real-world problem.



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