The Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation is a national charity dedicated to educate and promote innovation and entrepreneurship among aspiring and well-established business owners in marginalized communities.


For Canada to become the leading nation in innovation and entrepreneurship by supporting and educating marginalized Canadians from all backgrounds as they build competitive and innovative businesses


  • Undertaking research programs on best practices related to Canadian entrepreneurship and disseminating the results of the research to the public. The outcomes of these programs will serve as guidance for organizations and leaders involved with the entrepreneurial ecosystem;

  • Supporting the economic success of persons from low-income or socioeconomically¬†disadvantaged communities by providing them with educational resources on business and finance that would otherwise not be accessible;
  • To advance education on financial literacy and management, business skills, and skills training by developing and funding educational programs related to business and financial capabilities in Canada, and in particular for individuals who are marginalized minorities; indigenous, women, persons with disabilities, newcomers to Canada, youth, and from socioeconomically disadvantaged communities; for the benefit of these groups and the general public.