CANIE Awards

the CANIE Awards 

The CANIE Awards is The Foundation’s flagship program recognizing and celebrating excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship throughout every province and territory across the country.

Our CANIE Awards Commitments

  • Recognize excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship in every province and territory by celebrating the impressive journeys and achievements of SME’s that contribute everyday to the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Build a network of individuals and organizations that share our passion for supporting the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem and want to contribute to its future.
  • Inspire Canada’s present and future generations to be entrepreneurial innovators by sharing stories of leadership, resilience, disruption, and success in entrepreneurship.
  • Inspire others to make an impact by telling your story of resilience and legacy.

2022 CANIE Awards

2022 CANIE Awards Competition

  • The application process opened on March 28th, 2022 
  • Closing date for applications on July 25, 2022 
  • A promotional campaign will run throughout the summer celebrating the semi-finalists individually. Each business will be awarded a commercial video (produced and paid for by The Foundation) to promote their service and/or product to the local community, the province and across the country with a view to new business growth.  The Foundation will also conduct a media campaign to draw attention to each business for the press. 
  • In the fall of 2022 The Foundation wants to hold 3 x in-person events (if it is then safe to do so). 

** If you are interested in partnering or playing a role in this activity, please contact Natasha Morano @ natasha.morano@ief-fie.ca


Phase 1: Mar 25, 2022 – Jun 13, 2022 (Closed)

  • Award 1 – Seniorpreneur Award for Leadership & Innovation
  • Award 2 – Climate-Related Product Innovator of the Year
  • Award 3 – Global Impact Business Owner of the Year
  • Award 4 – The 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year

Phase 2: Jun 13, 2022 – Jul 25, 2022

  • Award 5 – The 2022 Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Award 6 – The 2022 Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Award 7 – The 2022 Black Entrepreneur of the Year

 In-Person Events

  • The events will be held in the geographical town or region of each winner. In addition to their colleagues, friends and family the Foundation will work with the local Board of Trade, BIA and or press to invite the local business community to join the celebrations. 
  • The highlights of each event will be included in the virtual Grand Finale where all winners will be officially announced and awarded $10,000 in prize money.
  • Promotion and celebration of the 2022 CANIE Award winners will continue through our social media channels, the press and supported by our sponsors and partners. 

Note: Dates to be confirmed

Last Year’s Celebrations – 2021 CANIE Awards

The 2021 CANIE Awards celebrated 5 semi-finalists from each of the 7 award categories across Canada. All 35 businesses were awarded a commercial quality video promoting their win, their business, and their entrepreneurial spirit. And at a Grand Finale in November of 2021 we awarded $10,000 to each of the 7 winners to invest in their businesses in whatever way would have the most impact. 

To watch the semi-finalist and winner’s videos or the grand finale – click here

The 2021 Awards were presented by UPS Canada and the Canada Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with Scotiabank, The Arthur J.E. Child Foundation, NACCA, Startup Canada, CABC, and R+D Creative.

Click here to watch the 2021 CANIE Awards to enjoy the show & be inspired by Canadian Entrepreneurs & Innovators! 

Why we are committed to the CANIE Awards

  • Nearly 70% of jobs in Canada are attributable to small businesses. However, half of the owners of enterprises from this segment will retire in the next decade.
  • This presents a unique opportunity to encourage Canadian entrepreneurs to build innovative and highly productive enterprises that create new jobs and wealth.
  • To maintain and increase prosperity, Canada needs more SME’s – ambitious, scalable, sustainable businesses that foster economic growth and social development.
  • By sharing award recipients’ stories of resilience and success, the CANIE Awards can inspire present and future generations to become leading entrepreneurs with an innovative and global mindset.


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