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November 2023 Issue

Welcome to Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation’s (IEF) November 2023 Newsletter!

Check out the exciting news, events, and resources made available by the charity to inspire you and support your business.

What’s in this Issue

2023 Fall Economic Statement: Small Business Impact

On November 21, 2023, The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, delivered the 2023 Fall Economic Statement.

Worth noting for Canadian Small Businesses:

  • Adjustments to the repayment of Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loans, with a repayment deadline to qualify for partial loan forgiveness including an extension until March 28, 2024, for those who refinance their CEBA loans with their financial institutions.

  • Proposals to amend the Competition Act to strengthen competition, address predatory pricing, and aim to reduce the dominance of power by large corporations.

  • A new Employment Insurance (EI) Adoption Benefit, providing access to 15 weeks of EI maternity leave benefits to adoptive parents.  

In addition to reviewing the Fall 2023 Economic Statement to further understand the impacts on your business, we encourage you to read the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s response to the Fall 2023 Economic Statement.

Small Business Saturday, November 25, 2023


With small businesses (1 to 99 employees) accounting for 98% of all employer businesses in Canada and employing 63% of our nation’s employees, small businesses are the true backbone of Canada.

And did you know, for every $1 you spend at a local small business, 66¢ stays local, vs. only 11¢ per $1 spent at multinational businesses.(source) For a local small business, your purchases and support makes a vital difference to your local community and economy.

Please join us in rallying support by shopping locally this holiday season and all year. Check out IEF’s National Small Business Directory for local and online shopping options and share your stories with us about how you are supporting local this holiday season!

How to Spot Anti-competitive Conduct

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation has partnered with the Competition Bureau of Canada to deliver a series of free virtual workshops designed specifically for small Canadian businesses.

Do you market a product or service for your business? If so, are you knowledgeable of the laws pertaining to anti-competitive conduct? This workshop will help you identify anti-competitive conduct and stay on the right side of the law.

Join us Wednesday, December 6th from 1pm to 2pm EDT virtually for an interactive workshop with the Competition Bureau of Canada.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Spot anti-competitive conduct.

  • Understand the law and the role of the Competition Bureau in anti-competitive conduct.

  • Understand how you can take action if you believe you’re being impacted by anti-competitive practices.

  • Stay compliant with rules that apply to all businesses, no matter how big or small.

And we’ll share key tips for developing a business compliance plan which can help you identify anti-competitive conduct and stay on the right side of the law. Spoiler alert! It is not costly or complicated. Even simple action steps can help you reduce your business risks.

By fostering a competitive and innovative marketplace, the Competition Bureau is an independent Federal law enforcement agency committed to protecting and promoting competition in the market. That means business of all sizes must understand the rules that apply to their businesses, along with the ways we can support your success and protect Canadians.

Trauma in Entrepreneurship: It’s Not What You Think

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation, in partnership with GreenShieldCares, is thrilled to welcome back Shulamit Ber LevtovThe Entrepreneur’s Therapist, in an engaging and interactive mental health workshop. This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, solopreneurs, and anyone interested in a holistic approach to success that recognizes and navigates the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey.

Trauma is often not what we have been led to think, and its impact is far-reaching. As a result, it can be an unexpected companion on the entrepreneurial journey. This workshop delves into and demystifies trauma and its relationship with entrepreneurship.

Join us Wednesday, December 13, 2023, from 1pm to 3pm EST via Zoom. During this session we will navigate the uncharted waters where trauma and entrepreneurship intersect, shedding light on the impact of trauma and how it shapes the entrepreneurial experience. Through engaging discussions and activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics at play and acquire practical tools to navigate trauma in entrepreneurship.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Understanding Trauma in Entrepreneurship: Explore the nuances of trauma and its influence on the entrepreneurial mindset and decision-making.

  • Resilience Building: Learn strategies to build resilience and cultivate a thriving entrepreneurial spirit – even in the face of adversity.

  • Serving clients: Discover how to create a trauma-aware experience for clients.

Participation, questions, journalling, and sharing will be encouraged throughout the 2-hour session.

Please note that space is limited for this free workshop. If you reserve a ticket then discover you can no longer attend, please cancel your ticket to open space for other attendees.

Incorporating your business? Ownr has a gift for IEF’s network!


Ownr is an all-in-one online platform designed to provide an affordable and seamless process for small businesses to register and incorporate a business, develop and store legal files, and maintain ongoing company compliance and government filings.

Our friends at Ownr, sponsor of the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year CANIE Award, are offering our network engagers 20% off for qualifying cities across Canada. Use the discount code IEF20 at checkout to receive discounts on their services!

Free Mental Health Support: Inkblot Therapy, by GreenShieldCares’ Women’s Mental Health Program

Our friends and mental health partners at GreenShield are proud to offer Inkblot Therapy, providing access to free mental health services for women across Canada.

Inkblot Therapy supports all Canadian women on their mental health journey.  When you sign up for GreenShield Cares’ Women’s Mental Health Program, you’ll receive two free hours of culturally sensitive talk therapy sessions and a complimentary subscription to online coach-assisted therapy (iCBT). We know that one-size therapy does not fit all. Talking to someone who understands unique needs of women – especially those from equity-seeking and/or racialized communities ­– can be immensely helpful for one’s healing journey.

IEF mental health
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