Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (IEF) has partnered with the Competition Bureau of Canada to deliver a series of free workshops designed specifically for small Canadian Businesses.

Do you market a product or service for your business? If so, are you knowledgeable of the laws pertaining to advertising goods and services in ways that may be considered false or misleading?

Being aware of the law can help you market your product safely, and will empower you and your business to avoid becoming a victim of deceptive practices.


Join us virtually on October 4th, 2023, at 1pm ET for our next free workshop! The Competition Bureau of Canada will discuss:

  • Common types of deceptive marketing practices, including key issues related to digital and social media marketing.
  • How to lower your risk of breaking the law.
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of deceptive scams. 

Whether you are a solopreneur, small e-commerce business, or large corporation, all business entities in Canada are required to understand and uphold the regulations that apply to them and can benefit greatly from knowing how the Competition Bureau can assist you

Gain confidence in upholding the regulations all Canadian businesses must comply to and understand how your business can leverage the support and resources the Competition Bureau provides. 

By fostering a competitive and innovative marketplace, The Competition Bureau is an independent Federal law enforcement agency, committed to protecting and promoting competition in the market. That means business of all sizes (small, medium, and extra large) must understand the rules that apply to their businesses, along with the ways we can support your success and protect Canadians.

This is the second of a three series educational workshop to be hosted virtually via Teams. Everyone can join! Attendance to previous workshops presented by IEF and the Competition Bureau is not a pre-requisite. 

Space is limited, so register early for this free workshop! Teams Link for the workshop will be sent to all attendants prior to the event.



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