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Whether it is the business owner, or a member of their team, all small businesses require current Digital Marketing training to retain existing customers, capture new business, and drive revenue. The Jelly Academy 7 Week Digital Marketing Bootcamp will give you, your team, and your business the most meaningful and up-to-date skills needed to stay competitive in this constantly evolving landscape

In 2022, 46.2% of revenue generated from Canadian businesses was the result of a website search. An additional 26.1% of revenue was generated through businesses’ social media activity (source: Made In CA Digital Marketing Statistics in Canada Report, 2023).

With 96.5% of Canadians using the internet daily, we know that up-to-date literacy in digital marketing is vital for Canadian entrepreneurs to survive and thrive.

Canadian small business startups and owners often lead their own digital needs to avoid added overhead costs. Most entrepreneurs do not have the up-to-date training and most current digital literacy skills needed to maximize revenue generating digital marketing. 41% of Canadian SME owners stated that investing more into digital marketing was important to them (source: Capterra’s Top Technology Trends, 2022). Those surveyed also indicated that their biggest challenge was identifying the best digital investments to make in their business. Consequently, their businesses’ digital presence and marketing is not at its full potential limiting their ability to maximize client growth, retention, and revenue generation.