May 28th, 2020 – The Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation has named outstanding entrepreneurs, innovators and support organizations from across Canada as winners of the first CANIE Awards. The regional winners were announced from Ottawa, ON, where the Digital Ceremony was broadcasted.  The ceremony was emceed by the nationally respected public figure, writer and entrepreneur, Catherine Clark and the Gala opening remarks were given by Ontario Premier, Doug Ford

Winners shared their stories and spread a message of resilience and hope throughout the community while enlightening other entrepreneurs with strategies to reinvent themselves in moments of crisis.

“In this time of great uncertainty,” said Kayla Isabelle, Board Chair of the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation and Executive Director of Startup Canada, “it’s important to be mindful that many entrepreneurs are not currently in a position to be celebrating. That is why this year’s Awards will focus on the stories of entrepreneurs demonstrating resilience.”

The 2020 Ontario Region Awards Winners are: 

CANIE Enterprise Support Award
Sponsored by the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation
Innovation Guelph
Ann Toner Fung, CEO

CANIE Global Entrepreneurship Award
Sponsored by UPS Canada
Marie Chevrier, Founder and CEO

CANIE Product Innovation Award
Sponsored by UPS Canada
Deep Trekker
Sam MacDonald, President

CANIE Social Innovation Award
Sponsored by Sovereign Insurance
Fill it Forward
Matt Wittek, Founder & CEO

CANIE Woman Entrepreneur Award
Sponsored by the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation
Sharon Zohar
Founder & CEO, The Big Push

CANIE Indigenous Entrepreneur Award
Sponsored by Mastercard
Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow
Founder, Birch Bark Coffee

CANIE Youth Impact Award
Sponsored by the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation
Brooke Resendes
Co-founder, Research Stream

CANIE Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Sponsored by Scotiabank
Ariel Mashiyev
CEO, iLobby

For more information, and to schedule media interviews, please contact:

Matthew Curtis
Media Relations, Startup Canada
1-613-627-0787 ext 103

About the CANIE Awards

The CANIE Awards celebrate and distinguish outstanding achievements in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.

The objectives of the awards are to:

  • Recognize excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship across Canada by celebrating the impressive journeys and achievements of disruptors that contribute every day to the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Build a network of individuals and organizations that share our passion for supporting the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem and want to contribute to its future.
  • Inspire Canada’s present and future generations to be entrepreneurial innovators by sharing stories of leadership, resilience, disruption, and success in entrepreneurship.
  • Promote entrepreneurial mindsets among Canadian youth with workshops on innovation, ideation, and execution.
  • Increase awareness of Canada’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and the importance of strengthening our culture of innovation.

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